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<aside> <img src="/icons/info-alternate_green.svg" alt="/icons/info-alternate_green.svg" width="40px" /> This page explains Prolific’s Legal Terms.



Before you register to use our platform, whether as a researcher or as a user, please make sure you have read and understood the legal terms applicable to you, which describe your (and our) legal rights and obligations in relation to your use of Prolific.

As a quick bit of context: we, means Prolific Academic Ltd, and Prolific is the platform we provide for launching and recruiting for research studies which we make available through our Website at

Legal Terms

Researcher Terms

Here are the terms for Researchers who use Prolific to conduct studies.

Researcher Terms

Participant Terms Here are the terms for Participants who use Prolific to take part in studies.

Participant Terms

Users of our Website

Here are the terms which apply to users of our Website (whether registered users or just browsing).

Users of our Website

The below diagram should give you an understanding of our legal relationships.

Legal policies.png

In addition to the applicable legal terms, you may wish to read our privacy notices, which provide you with more information about how we may receive and use your personal data.