This is intended to be a working document to outline the steps needed to set up Appsmith to work with Prolific and Argilla. This is a prerequisite to setting up your study in Prolific.

The reason we are using Appsmith is as a temporary measure for supplying users with Login Credentials for 3rd party data collection tools, whilst we build our own implementation.

When setting up a new demo there are a few steps you need to take in order for Appsmith itself to reset everything and make sure the demo runs smoothly.

A quick note on our demo UI

This is a simple UI we have built purely in order to help facilitate the Argilla demo. It is basically a Python application which interacts with our Argilla instance. It can do the following

These are simply features we needed to get a working demo of our Argilla instance whilst achieving some interactivity. And these are all things that the integrator would do depending on how they wanted to work with Argilla.

There are extensive docs on how to use Argilla.

So now for the steps!

Create a new dataset.